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A little bit different - Unique hand crafted bead & cord jewellery and textile artworks

Welcome aboard. I am a textile artist floating the English waterways on a 58 foot narrowboat (unfortunately just part time at present). In between working the locks and pumping out the toilet! I get to stitch to my hearts content.


I specialise in vibrant, textured fabric art. Pieces to add a splash of colour and jolliness to your wall.

My inspiration and work is a pastiche of the sparkle and machine stitching of

Angie Hughes and the incredible colour schemes of Ruth Issett.


Starting with recycling and hand dyeing fabrics, I then use both mono printing and stencilling techniques to add pattern and depth. I then machine (where boat battery life allows ) or hand stitch onto the surface to

cross the boundaries of art and craft.


I'm addicted to travel and the opportunity it offers for inspiration and learning new skills and techniques.

2018 will see me off across Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and Japan before heading to America.

Signposting to upcoming workshops or offers of homestay with fellow creatives much appreciated.


Following my travels round Poland I was inspired to have ago at this modern take on soutache,

combining the fabric cords with bead embroidery.  Time consuming and fiddly, each bead double stiched by hand; time spent on our narrow boat gives me opportunity to slow the pace of modern life down, and devote the hours necessary to produce these unique and unusual pieces for you to enjoy.


I tend to make up stock designs in the bright primary colours that I love to wear and prove an instant

conversation piece where ever I go.  

All items can be made up in any colour scheme, pastel or primary by private commission.  Please ask.

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Text: 0044 (0) 7974 382944

Email: [email protected]